It might be because travelling is in our DNA, but since we started this adventure, in the wonderful seventies, we never stopped. We changed our property, amplified and multiplied our offices, increased and intensified the number of our clients, refined our rates; We worked on a precise selection of Tour operators, and created, as the firsts, a network of independent agencies connected through CRS. We did a very long way. And yet, we still have the strength, the enthusiasm, and the will of who is starting to travel and who feels that there are no frontiers which cannot be surpassed.

Name: Viaggiare
Date of Birth: 1974
Offices: Rome Via Barberini 30
Particular signs: Marked tendency to the Business Travel
Roma Via Barberini 30, 00187 Roma, R.E.A. Roma 395115, Partita IVA 01046431001, Cod. Fiscale 02346450584 - Tel +39.06.454.101 - Fax +39.06.454.107.77